A six week vacation which then evolved

I first came to the Yukon for a six week vacation which then evolved into "just a year" when I started teaching high school in Whitehorse. That was 22 years ago.

Through school trips to Dawson City, I saw the town during the winter and fell in love with it.  I had grown up on a farm in southern Alberta and our closest town had boardwalks and gravel roads and old false-front buildings like Dawson. 

I felt completely at home. 

When a good excuse arose, I moved to Dawson City and juggled a variety of jobs (teacher, biologist, vet tech/rogue vet, ambulance attendant, city councillor, etc).  Because of my veterinary experience I was an easy recruit for the volunteer ambulance service and I realized that interesting things afflicted humans as well.  On the ambulance I worked with dedicated nurses, doctors and support staff and thought perhaps I could give back to this amazing community by becoming a doctor. 

Thankfully I have a patient husband and off I went to medical school. 

Now, having completed my medical training, it is very satisfying to be home at last and working in the clinic in Dawson. 

Not instantaneously and not without a whole lot of effort but sometimes a dream can come true. 

Aedes Scheer