I always wanted to work in a more remote setting

I did my first locum after graduation here in 2002 while I returned to the city for a few other locums the pull to stay here never left and now I am 10 years into a wonderful family practice with a great mix of colleagues and a Yukon family too.

I always wanted to work in a more remote setting and Whitehorse and the Yukon have fulfilled my desire to be in a less crowded place where I can still get a great latte and certainly can have a wonderfully broad practice -- I choose OB and Emerg and the office, colleagues mix and match many varieties of this -- some focus on only one. 

We have choices and that is how I know I will stay here because the community accommodates changes in style of practice. 

Also, I know it is a cliche to talk about the sports and outdoors in these websites but seriously, the mountain biking and cross country skiing are probably the other half of why I stay. 

~ Dr. Stephanie Buchanan MD