Work Life Balance

~ The Law of the Yukon ~

This is the law of the Yukon,

and ever she makes it plain:

Send not your foolish and feeble;

Send me your strong and your sane – Robert Service

Yukon —its pristine wilderness, deep cultural history, vibrant multicultural communities, modern infrastructure, and cooperative support networks—it has a way of speaking the word “home” to many that arrive on our doorstep. It is the warmth of the people, the sophisticated yet relaxed professional atmosphere, and the comradery within our communities that turn visitors into local sourdoughs!

Another key reason - quality health care. Physician and Yukoners alike choose Yukon as home because of the dedication we deliver in the promotion of healthy people and healthy communities. Family practices are strong and modern. Our youthful medical community encourages a supportive atmosphere responsive to a teaching/learning environment. Innovation can be found all around, from the exploration of rural collaborative care models to tangible success in Yukon’s Weight Wise program to the stream of education programs physicians are financially supported to attend.

Recent successful negotiation of our Memorandum of Understanding means Yukon continues to see excellence in patient care through fee for service and/or alternative payment agreements. For physicians, this also means a continuation of the three year retention agreement, physician relocation program, student loan repayment and locum supports to name but a few.

But what really sets Yukon apart from Canada? Why relocate to a community that prides itself on surviving long, dark winters and equally long, sunlight filled summers? Well, Yukoners would likely say it is our intrinsic, almost cultural norm to embrace a true work-life balance. For physicians keen to provide high quality care while creating a schedule that reflects the importance for personal and family time, Yukon is your place. Here, we recognize that wellness is in mind, body and spirit. Perhaps that is why most physicians and Yukoners alike are motivated to schedule their winter work week around cross country/downhill skiing, ice-fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, tobogganing, and the ever famous Whitehorse Pond Hockey Tournament. Or, perhaps taking in Frostbite Music Festival or Opera Lovers Series or our internationally famous Rendezvous is just as appealing?

Summertime work week bring longer days of sun and endless hours of hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, golfing and music festivals, bike races, artisan retreats to name but a few. And, at any time of the year our land provides a bounty of game such as moose, elk, bison and sheep to keep freezers full throughout the year.

Regardless of what your interests are, Yukon can support a flexible work arrangement either in shared practice, compressed work week, or part time rural practices so work and family life are supported.